Who am I?

Do you know a large Midwest family? Well if you do, then you know me.  I am the youngest of eight, raised in a small farmers’ village in the Netherlands. If I picked an apple from the wrong tree on my way home from school, my parents would know about it before I got off my bike.

For years I thought that my name was “one of the VanderKooijs.”  This family name was like a bank account, and my parents had been putting their savings in it for over 50 years.  My family was not rich but known for their hard work and willingness to help others. So we did not need money, for my family reputation was our most valued asset, and trust was the currency we traded in.

Sound familiar? Networking? Social media?

Now add 20 exciting years of building, leading, and operating all aspects of sales, mostly in start-ups in the heart of Silicon Valley. Combining these two – very distinct experiences-at this particular moment in my career-it all makes sense to me.

All around us, changes impact the core of every marketing and sales process. With the new goal being to make our clients successful, not to make money by using some secret art to sell something clients don’t use. These changes require us to focus on earning a word-of-mouth reference by exceeding a client’s expectation. These changes are the result of the increasing role the Internet plays and are reintroducing me into the norms & values I was raised on.

Welcome to my village, pop. 2,500, established 2005.

How I tell it to my kids

  • Born in a small village, Drumpt population 7,000ish, nowadays a suburb of the city of Tiel in the Netherlands, the son of a welder and hardest working mother in history.
  • Youngest of eight kids
  • Grew up as a hacker, which in my time meant soldering & c-programming
  • Started at trade school to become an electrician (/carpenter)
  • Given my start I had to take the long route (LTS, MTS, HTS), but Graduated in Telecommunications, with a minor in Business
  • 5 years at Philips doing all kinds of Television/STB stuff, travelling across the globe
  • 6 years at SkyStream as head of Americas sales, winning a large deal with Disney 5 years ahead of Netflix – company sold to TandbergTV
  • 1 year at TandbergTV doing key accounts, the company sold to Ericsson for $1.4B
  • Head of worldwide sales at Technicolor winning many 1st of its kind digital content deals using a SaaS model
  • 2 years at Kontiki as head of WW sales, guided the company to a SaaS model, signed up BT as a global reseller, raised $10.7M
  • Over 1 year at Qumu as head of BD, ran the book during the $52M acquisition by Rimage, then focused on global expansion and integration
  • Member of Holland In The Valley (HITV) team
  • Coach students at Universities across the world to embrace a better way of selling helping a client solve problems
  • Stand in front of audiences and provoke them with a fresh perspective on why, how and what selling is about

Things you may not know

  • Together with my partner for 26+ years.
  • Build a pirateship in my backyard for our 2 kids, a tree-house in the front, a Zip-line to connect everything and 2 water balloon launchers that shoot 200+ feet :-).
  • Was trained/coached by Pete Kain to compete in 2 world championship triathlon, earned AA and participated in 2 world championships.
  • Enjoy the science behind it all and love Tufte’s work in this field.
  • Love telling stories and in 2012 went to the Duarte Academy to learn how – and promptly flew to the Netherlands to share my stories at a number of Dutch Universities.

Thanks for spending time on my site

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