Social Selling Campaign

Power of a social selling campaign

Sales professionals across industries will tell you about the tremendous business value of their personal network.  And every day social media is proving they are right.

A social selling campaign brings your company’s solution to the attention of prospective clients who are online identifying business problems, exploring solutions, and determining their strategy.  It does so by leveraging your sales force’s network to share valuable content and develop meaningful relationships in a strategic way using social media networks like LinkedIn, Twitter, and Google+.

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Use social selling for your next event

If you have an upcoming event like a trade show, a sales meeting, or a new product release, you must consider launching a social selling campaign and maximize the impact.

What is included?

  • Discovery of the upcoming event, understanding client personas, and their journey
  • Develop meaningful content and integrate your best marketing materials into a coherent story
  • Determine the best content distribution strategy to match the client journey
  • Enable your team on the following:
    • A sales introduction to social selling, explaining why now, how to do it right and what each sales professional can do
    • A training session on the proper use of LinkedIn and Twitter, including review of several sales team members’ online profiles
  • Personal support before and during the launch, with a postlaunch review

Start your first social selling campaign

If you want to start your first campaign, or just want to learn more, please do not hesitate to contact me.


Hideo Esaka

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