IBC Social Selling Campaign

Use your sales peoples network

Sales professionals across industries will tell you about the tremendous business value of their personal network. And every day social media is proving they are right. A social selling campaign leverages the network of all of your client facing staff to develop pipeline at the most critical time in the sales process: when the client is researching requirements and discovering the options. IBC held from September 13-17 is one of those annual events that forces your clients to think outside the box, and it is an ideal time for you to expose them to your exciting vision.


  • Raise awareness of your presence among your prospect/client base ahead of the event
  • Secure meetings with interested buyers, during the event
  • Develop pipeline, DURING and immediately after the event

Success = Content + Social Media + Sales Network

The key to success is to bring provocative and valuable content through social media NOT to the entire world, but to your client base. A critical piece is that you need content aimed to live in an online/social world and that can be viewed on an iPad. A PDF or a powerpoint will not be sufficient. Distributing this through traditional marketing channels is not enough, it misses the personal link that such a vision needs. The key to success is to leverage your client facing professionals; sales people, product management, and executives to distribute this among their personal business networks. It does not take a lot, just a few likes and shares, will create a buzz of awareness.

Start your first social selling campaign

Example 1: Vision Pitch

  • What is it: A vision pitch so bold that it draws a senior executive to come and talk to you
  • When do you use it: This was launched 10 days before IBC, sent by key account execs to their most senior contact, 6-7 days before the event it was shared on social media
  • How: E-mail, LinkedIn, corporate blog sites and Twitter
  • Example: Harmonic Inc., A bold vision for a new entertainment experience
  • Value: The vision pitch below accumulated 2,000 views (various versions), and as a client stated “elevates you from a vendor into a strategic partner

NAB 2013

Example 2: IBC as a global 6 month event

  • What is it: Based on existing your booth design materials, and existing content from your web-site, create a virtual walk through, first to train your staff, then to engage your clients before the event, and after the event you use footage from the show floor to create a virtual event
  • When do you use it: Train staff 7 days before the event, send to strategic clients 4-5 days before the event, follow-up with clients 2-3 days after the event as a virtual Tradeshow for “those who were unable to visit”
  • How: LinkedIn, BLOG sites and Twitter
  • Example: Harmonic Inc. proudly, presents a virtual tour, just for you!
  • Value: See reference below.

Vegas2 Framed

What is included?

  • Create & share:
    • Identify 2 persona’s targeted at IBC (e.g. M&E executive, and service provider head of technology)
    • Develop meaningful content (like a Prezi) targeting these persona’s. Integrating your best marketing material into a coherent story
    • Determine the best content distribution strategy to match the client journey
  • Execute:
    • A training on social selling (60 minute webinar), explaining why now, how to do it right and what each client facing professional needs to do (and what not)
    • A coaching session on the proper use of LinkedIn and Twitter, including a review of 4 sales team members profiles, using conversation, and examples.
  • All assets (content + training) will be licensed for 180 days (to NAB) provided as links and embed objects so you can use it as needed


Time to stand-out is running out. For a price estimate, call me at 408 888 6952 or e-mail me at Jacco@FutureOfSalesIsNOW.com


Hideo Esaka

For a full list of references, click here,