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Demand for excitement

Your clients are not just looking online for content they value!  They are looking for content that grabs their attention and excites them so much they watch it over and over again, and share it with peers.   Good content will help clients diagnose problems, explore solutions and determine the best strategy.  But if that content is delivered in 7-pages of dense text they are not going to read it.  They will read the cover email and file the content you worked on in a ‘to read later’ folder.

Fresh look at content

Great content shows up on top of search results, creates an online buzz, and is passed from decision maker to decision maker.  Here are some examples:

SaaS Framed

Consultative SalesWhite Paper – Selling SaaS in the Enterprise.  Developed for sales leaders who are asked to transform a perpetual license business into a SaaS business. What I noticed was the tremendous hunger for a digital asset that combines research data, presentations, and video into a coherent story told in an authentic and sincere way.  In a way as if the viewer sits right next to the researcher.  This Prezi achieved over 425,000 views and 1,200 likes

Vegas Framed

Key Account SalesBreaking Out Of The Box – Intended for key account managers to send to clients before meeting with them, in an attempt to make room for a conversation during the meeting.  Much like in the consumer space, great content goes viral. Even within an account.  Keep it short and provide an authentic experience. This Prezi achieved over 50 views in 24 hours within a single account.

Vegas2 FramedSales EnablementA virtual event  – Ask any sales superstars and they will tell you it takes a day to get the ‘pitch down’ during tradeshows.   That’s why they book their key meetings on the second day.  What can be done to be effective on day 1, hour 1?   Using off-the-shelve material (video, white papers, etc.) I created this Prezi. It was sent a week in advance giving everyone the opportunity to digest, ask questions etc.  Result 200 sales people and 600 views!  Following the event we added footage from the show floor, to create an authentic experience for clients to share with their staff.

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