Start simple.

Starting is simple as long as you use the right sequence.  A common mistake is that sales leaders provide their teams with LinkedIn training, but ignore the demand for social selling content.  Result, the sales team is putting the same old boring product specifications on their LinkedIn profile.  Another common mistake is to launch a sales campaign, and assuming everyone on the team knows how to use social media.

The simplest and easiest way that provides an almost instant impact is as follows:

  • Grab a cup of coffee with your marketing colleague!  It can be done without marketing help if needed, but with their support it is much more fun.
  • Develop valuable content, optimized for online consumption. The three most impactful pieces of content are the following:
    • Vision pitch (example),
    • White paper (example),
    • Client-focused solution pitch (example).
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  • Coach your team to use networking tools and skills to share this content.  The three most powerful skill+tool combinations are:
    • LinkedIn and online trust building,
    • Prezi and online storytelling,
    • Join.me/vSee and online selling.
  • Implement a social selling campaign around a compelling event
    • Upcoming trade show,
    • Product/service launch,
    • Quarterly sales meeting.
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