Why the need for a sales transformation?

  • Why does sales with a highly distributed, independent group of producers have the exact same organizational structure (tree hierarchical model) as the finance team?
  • Why do we compare a high performance sales team once a quarter to a top sports team, yet we ignore the basics of top sports team – repetitive training/coaching
  • Why do we increase a persons quota if he performs against previous quota until the point of failure has been reached and a demotivated employee leaves?

Why now?

Today’s sales teams are the main differentiator, as all products, services, and solutions have started to look alike;

  • Based on same mathematical principles
  • Using the same hardware, silicon, displays, cloud, open source etc.
  • Build on a very similar user interface such as activity timelines, pictures etc.

Just walk into a Best Buy (oops I mean look on Amazon) and shop for a smart phone, a tablet, etc. Don’t believe me?  Compare vs. Dropbox vs. google docs, EchoSign vs. DocuSign, Jive vs. Yammer — everything looks the same.

Sales as the companies Unique Selling Point

I will come back in more detail to this at a later date, here are the highlights:

  • Clients are #1 priority of the company
  • Clients are your best lead generation
  • Leads generated by clients result in shorter sales cycle and lower acquisition cost
  • Unlike products, services, user interface and alike, every  human being is unique
  • That makes you a USP and the most important asset
  • If that is the case we should re-org with a focus on training/coaching towards this approach

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