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Ten Episodes on the Future of Sales and much more

Ten Episodes on the Future of Sales and much more

By Jacco van der Kooij & Daniel Adams.  These episodes are currently undergoing a revision to become a coherent series, the content itself will not change, so please do not mind the lack of uniform look at this time.

  1. 10 Bold statements on the Future of Sales – 10 Provocative Predictions
  2. Are you riding the social media wave – Social Media & Impact on Sales
  3. Trust based selling – This sales method is a great combo with social media
  4. The power of analytics – The use of analytics as part of your sales effort
  5. Compensate for Success – How to resolve the compensation debacle
  6. From Sales Funnel to Client Journey – Stop Selling start Solving Problems
  7. LinkedIn as a Business Tool – How to setup a Client friendly LinkedIn profile
  8. Customer Success – The most important part of the sale
  9. Transformation of a Sales Team – How to train/coach a sales team
  10. Social Media From Making Noise to Orchestrating Music – A How to Guide

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