“How You Sell” is the ultimate differentiator

Much of today’s products and services are very similar to each other.  Think about the lack of difference between services like EchoSign and DocuSign.   These similarities make the way “How You Sell” the ultimate differentiator. With sell I mean the way we interact with clients and help them identify, prevent, and solve their problems.

Skills of superstars

Research in 2010 by Harvard Business Review identified the most successful sales people and their skills as follows:

The seven skills identified by Lynette J. RyalsIain Davies are as follows:

  • Rising to the challenge
  • Meeting preparation
  • Customer interaction
  • Company presentation
  • Building rapport
  • Sales pitch
  • Storytelling

These skills remain very valid and are a near perfect fit with the trust building method.

Skills require training

The aforementioned skills are present in every sales professional although they may be dormant.  Like any person in a performing role, such as professional sports, and armed forces, frequent and repetitive training is an absolute must (Coaching for sales professionals).  Sales professionals greatly appreciate coaching, unfortunately, as sales leaders, we never put a structured program together beyond the annual “make you feel better” training.

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