Importance of content

Every person, regardless of whether they are looking for a new printer, a new car, or the latest product/service for a company, we research it exactly the same way, we:

  • Google it
  • Ask a friend/colleague

Content is so important because it matches that behavior.  Great content is favored by search engines; it can show up in the top 6 search results.  Great content is also passed around by friends and colleagues through word of mouth, providing an opportunity for exposure, but more important it enables your network to keep on the lookout for you.   That is if your content is able to draw attention and leave a memorable impression!

Content is perishable

The value of content is based on where the client is on the journey.  There is no need for a corporate introduction video if they don’t even know what solution you are offering.  Trust Triangle provides us great guidance on what kind of content is most impactful at any given time.

Early on, clients are more susceptible to content that appeals to their emotional decision such as video’s, use cases, and research material.  Once they have made an emotional decision, they will rationalize it with factual data such as speed and feeds, as well as pricing.

Content examples

Over the past 18 months, I have found that certain kinds of content are in high demand. The content I found to be of most interest to clients is the following:

  • A short introductory video of yourself
  • A Prezi white paper presenting the research (you represent)
  • A vision pitch around why, how, and what it is that you do (your company)

Key ingredients of great content

Great content contains the following ingredients:

  • Authentic – the production value does not exceed the message itself
  • Provocative – provide a fresh perspective
  • Extremely short – half as long and twice as powerful
  • Very visual – a picture says a thousand words

Content sells

Great content is like a very powerful magnet drawing your clients.  This content leads to you, but when they come to you, do you have the skills and tools to handle the demand?

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