Importance of trust

One of the most renowned B2B sales professionals in the world, Dan Adams developed Trust Triangle Selling (TTS) to help B2B clients on their journey to make the right decision.  TTS stresses the importance of establishing trust by developing an understanding of the business problems early on.  It is a powerful methodology used by countless B2B sales organizations across market segments.  And now Trust Triangle Selling provides us with the ideal framework to build the value online for B2B clients.

Key principles of social selling

Trust Triangle Selling provides us with the key principles of social sales:

  • Help clients diagnose the problem,
  • Offer a solution, even if it does not include you,
  • Build trust by providing value based on your insight and expertise,
  • Beware, your clients make an emotional decision followed by a rational validation,
  • Trust is something you got to earn, again and again.

The social sales opportunity

With years of experience, you as a sales professional are very qualified and able to help a client define, prevent, or solve a problem.  The big challenge is, how do you accomplish this in a world where an anonymous client does not know of your existence?  That is where social selling comes in.   In a nutshell, it is you showcasing your expertise online in such a way that it draws your client’s (and a search engine’s) attention.

Find some shades

Whoever says online sales tools are disintermediating sales does not get it.  It’s like saying that because Blockbuster is gone, no one watches movies anymore!  This blog will explain to you in detail, what you can do today.

Start looking for some cool shades, because the future of B2B sales professionals is very bright.

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