Be where they are

In 2012, a study by the Corporate Executive Board  involving over 1,400 B2B clients found that nearly 60% of the information used in a typical purchasing decision, were performed before having a conversation with a supplier.

This includes identifying needs, researching solutions, ranking options, setting requirements, benchmarking pricing, and so on and so forth.

If our clients are building an opinion online, then we have to sell online!

Provide value

To sell online, we have to translate the value we provide as sales professionals into an online experience and put this into context of our client’s journey.  Having been an information butler for years, we know exactly what info is valuable as what time in the client’s journey.

For years we handpicked the most valuable content for our clients, customized presentations and attached it to an e-mail with a brief note and a call to action.  Clients have and always will value this!  Online selling is giving us an opportunity to do this in a more efficient and effective way.

Start simple

As a B2B sales professional, you intimately know and understand the top issues in the market.  Sharing this knowledge, and putting it into context is a great place to start.  For example, create a list of the top 5 issues your clients have in common. Now find articles on these issues and share them on your LinkedIn profile.  Your first step in regaining your role as an information butler.

Relationships matter

Why do you, need to lead this process?  In one word, relationships.  As a B2B sales professional, you have the, relationship with your client.  It is this relationship that drives everything.  Similar to Google transforming the way clients search and find information, LinkedIn is giving you the opportunity to transform the way you develop and manage your relationships.

It all starts with you

 The ultimate success lies with the marketing, sales, and customer success teams working intimately to achieve customer success.  But that will take time and is likely outside our sphere of influence.  Since you and your relationship with your client is at the center, this it is where it all starts.

Waking up

 If you are reading this, it means that you are engaged and in the process of waking up, or at least teasing yourself with waking up, from years of traditional selling.  Traditional selling that involved traveling to and meeting with clients, giving that same old pitch over and over again.  Allow me to show you how you can regain full control of the sales process and develop a new passion for sales.  In the process we will turn the table and the odds in our favor.

The five elements of success

In online selling, each of there are five key elements that play a role:

  • Sales methodology: Every buyer emotionally connects with a product or service before they rationalize their decision.  To be successful in online selling, we have to learn how to establish this emotional connection, leading to trust, online.
  • Sales content: Client trust was never handed out like candy.  You still need to earn it, and in online selling, you do this by providing value. The biggest value you offer is your knowledge and expertise presented in the form of content.
  • Sales tools: To build trust online with modernized content, we need to learn how to work with online sales tools like LinkedIn, Twitter, Prezi,, and many others.  Using proven tools, and teaching their proper use, you will experience a force multiplier improving both your efficiency and your effectiveness.
  • Sales skills: Successful online selling skills match many of whom you already mastered but they may appear in a different sequence, or use a different tools

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