First of all, I have no idea if anyone really reads this, let alone find it useful.  However, I live in California, a state known for its legal system.  So let me clarify that everything I write in my BLOG is my own opinion and does not represent the views of the companies I represent in my ‘day job’.

Any advice that I give is based purely on my experiences as a sales leader, and looking back, I notice that some of my opinions appear to be influenced by the amount of RedBull and Starbucks I drink — which, to make matters worse, mostly happens in the middle of the night.

So please don’t be so stupid as to accept any of my opinions as a fact, and make sure it is not your sole guidance, especially for financial planning, hiring, firing, legal guidance, or anything else that could get me in trouble.  Simplified, anything that results you pointing a finger at me saying “he told me to do it”.

Use common sense and treat this BLOG and its contents as just another   that you should mix into your potpourri of information as you make your own decisions.