Rise of a New Hero

Don’t confuse installing with selling!?

In the realm of sales, successful sales people were seen as those who could “sell ice to an Eskimo”, their names were whispered, they became known as “Rainmakers”.  These superstars appeared to master a form of black art that remained hidden from the rest of us. As the years went by, this model based on the concept of black art was fine-tuned, and passed on from sales person to sales person.  An insightful few would come to question this model, only to be rebuffed by a CEO telling them not to confuse installing with selling. What sprung from this age-old tradition is a jaded customer who no longer wishes to be sold to.

And then…

The SaaS model changed it all. In the SaaS model “closing” a deal no longer means anything. Most of todays SaaS services can be canceled anytime.  Even more, winning the wrong kind of customer can cost a vendor dearly!  And so, the black art of closing is replaced by the art of listening and asking great questions in a discovery call.

What happened after the rain?

Todays Hero is no longer a 40-some year old Rainmaker who wears a golden Rolex, drives a BMW and acts as an information butler.    Technology clearly has torn down the borders that once separated buyers from the information that they sought from the sales person.  This has shifted the entire dynamic in the sales world.  Buyers now demand a new kind of Hero.

Customer Success over Closing!

The Hero customers look for is one who helps them achieve success!  These new Heroes are nothing short of growth hackers, native to the online world, utilizing state of the art tools, and mastering engaging content.  Interestingly, they no longer seem to learn from consultants who talk a great game about what worked yesteryear; instead, these new heroes learn from their peers what works right now!  Expect companies like Saleshood.com to capitalize on this unstoppable trend.

superhero-kidsToday, SaaS companies have come to depend on these modern heroes for growth of logo’s, revenues and profits.  If you have been in a boardroom lately, you know that it is not uncommon to see a fairly junior SDR (sales development rep) being invited to share the latest trends.

Leverage the skills that makes YOU unique

With titles such as SDR and MDR, the new Hero of the sales world has already become a part of the business world lexicon.  Gone are the days where the select few become Sales Superstars, and the rest is left behind.  Today a new hero resides in every SDR, BDR, MDR, OSM, AE, CSM,  and so on. It excites me to help uncover the unique skills buried within each of them.

We welcome this next generation of sales professionals.  The Future Of Sales Is Yours!


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