What’s Your Story?

Maureen and I have been together for 26 years.   Let me clarify, we have been together since we were 16 and 17.  This is uncommon these days, and so we are often asked what the secret is to a meaningful, and lasting relationship.  It is simple, we keep trying to impress each other!  Let me give you an intimate example: For the past 26 years whenever I leave on a cross country trip, Maureen will dress herself up, outfit, hair, everything.  She will insist on dropping me off, and picking me up.   She will make sure she leaves an impression.  A first one, and a last one.  Impressions matter.  In personal life, and in business.

How do you leave a lasting impression online?

In a world where we have come to develop relationships online, it is of utmost importance that you leave an impression online.  In the business world the global platform for that is LinkedIn.  And yes, it starts with a great picture on your profile, but you also need to complement it with an authentic story written in the first person.

Once upon a time

How to tell your story in a sincere, authentic way?

I found that the simplest way to tell your story is as follows:   What do you do passionately, that is the same both in personal, and business.  You can discover this by thinking back to when you were a teenager.  Think of something you did then, that you still do, and how it relates to what you do in your work.  Did you wake-up early? Did you dance? Were you raised in a small village?.  This simple question will help you tell your story.

The Art of connecting with your heart and mind

Next are a few stories, simply taking the same approach.

Paul’s story

Screen Shot 2013-12-04 at 4.39.48 PM

At a young age, I had a paper route where I had to get up at six am everyday to deliver newspapers, rain or shine. I learned at an early age that customer satisfaction was a critical factor in my tip for the week. If I was late or missed a house, I did not get rewarded.  Over the past 20 years, I have found one philosophy that I have lived by:

  • Listen to the what the customer needs
  • Try to deliver to their expectations
  • Ensure they are happy along the way

Simple words with a huge impact.

Mark’s story

Screen Shot 2013-12-04 at 4.40.32 PM

Hi you found me!   My name is Mark.   Early on in life I realized I love art and entertainment. This started as an aspiring artist playing the saxophone and in management college I got involved with organizing dance events. Just before I started my “corporate life” I decided to also master the marketing profession.  As one of my clients said: “Sorry for interrupting you Mark, but talking about marketing drains me. Let me do what I love to do … and that is making music … and let you do what you love to do … marketing.”  And now after 12 years with some great successes and some painful lessons (that’s experience right?) I realize that I enjoy it the most when I work directly with the artist(s). I just love their inspiration & creativity, their eye for detail and doing things openhearted & differently.  So I created my own dream job to help artists (maybe you?) showcase their talent that may be music, artwork, a film, that great event, ballet play, etc.

Tina’s story

Screen Shot 2013-12-04 at 4.39.34 PMAnyone can make a movie these days. Just ask my 5th grader. She and her two classmates are making a 5 minute movie where her little brother has to play a young president. As a proud parent, I am sure it will be a perfect film.   As a technologist, and a creative person, I can truly appreciate the reality of putting together the right minds, right talent and right equipment to make a moving image worthy of a professional budget. Lucky for us, we have access to amazing technology that is affordable and has the power to make beautiful imagery.

Cecilia’s story

Screen Shot 2013-12-04 at 4.40.16 PM

I love to dance, dancing makes me happy, and I especially love Latin dances.  In dancing it requires both partners to know each other, to dance to the same rhythm & beat, and to anticipate the next move. A memorable performance requires both partners to be fully committed, in tune with each other, and that takes a positive mindset, a smile, and laughter along the way. My approach to customer success is the same, after all it takes two ToTango.

So how about that relationship advice?

So how to develop a meaningful and lasting relationship?  Treat every day as an opportunity to make a first impression!


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