Value of Tradeshows

A creative sales enablement idea 

How to maximize investment in a major trade show? I recently stumbled on this super simple and cost effective use-case and wanted to share this with you.  Click on the picture below: Seeing is believing!

What happens here

It takes a full day at a trade show to get the story down!

Over the past years I always had the feeling that only on the 2nd day of a show I finally ‘got the story down’.  Consulting at Harmonic I realized that with a large group of over 150 professionals headed for Las Vegas, this was a great challenge for Sales Enablement.

How to start the experience a week before the event starts? 

So I walked over to the marketing department, who got the idea, and supplied the artwork of the booth and other readily available materials.  With it we created a simple Prezi that was distributed a week in advance.  We focused on having the attendees visualize the experience, and put bits of info in there so they could start practicing how best to engage clients with a simple story, learn from expert insights, and develop relevant questions to prompt a conversation with their clients.

Videos on Youtube do not tell the entire story

Independently, Harmonic’s marketing team was shooting video interviews to shine a spotlight on its pioneering innovations around Cloud based Services, HEVC, and Ultra High Definition.  These interviews captured not only the content itself but also the authentic trade show experience.  Putting these video’s ‘just on Youtube’ somehow did not seem to relay the total story nor does it capture the excitement everyone was experiencing.

Pinching, swiping & tapping is a universal language

After the show closed, we added these videos to the Prezi with just a few clicks.  Looking at the result it dawned on us that in a matter of hours we had created a simple to use breakthrough sales enablement tool that in addition to providing excellent value to clients & partners can be used in a growing number of ways throughout the company.  Here are just a few of the take-aways:

  1. Salespeople send this Prezi out as a follow-up.  We have noticed clients pass it on to their staff, which increases reach and creates mind share in a value add way 
  2. Since this is a hosted Prezi, it is available 24/365 globally – we notice there is a global audience, unable to attend in person, but interested to participate in the virtual 4-5 minute experience 
  3. Due to the engaging content it allows us to bring newly hired staff quickly up to speed and have them pass it around to their network to inform them what they are doing
  4. Employees learn what the company does beyond their daily scope, and they express pride, and share this link through Social Media, and/or e-mail
  5. Prezi is very iPad/iPhone friendly, and allows the audience to engage with the story through the universal language of swiping, pinching and double tapping

As a result the ROI of this tradeshow increases as the reach and use of the Prezi grows.  We are talking about this and much more at – join the sales enablement group and share your ideas.


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