Solving Unidentified Problems

What are the priorities of today’s sales organizations?

For decades (B2B) sales organizations have had a simple task – to achieve a corporations financial objectives, not only for this quarter, but also for this year, and for the foreseeable future.

At the same time – and often in contradiction with – we are held accountable by our clients, to help them find the right solution, at the right time, within the available budget.

Over the past years I have found that clients need more help, as they themselves face more intricate problems to solve, and for this they require a more sophisticated solution, and they need it NOW.

This 24/7 availability with need for an instant quality response is a big challenge for even the most hardened sales professionals. But now we are presented with an even more daunting task, one that will stress B2B Sales organizations worldwide.


Clients Demand To Identify Their Problems

We find ourselves in a situation where clients are not just holding sales accountable for satisfactory problem solving, in time, budget & 24/7 – but – they are calling on their trusted sales professional to help them identify & understand problems they do not know about yet, so they can set the right priority based on risk/reward, and make sure it is solved at the right time.

I hope that this video How Hard Work, Mental Energy and Smart Leadership can create ROI peaks your interest. We are discussing this and other sales challenges on SalesOpShop, feel free to listen in, or better yet join the conversation.


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