Social Selling The Power of You

Tell Me Your Story

One of the best ways to build a trusted relationship is to share Your Story.  Telling your personal story is very powerful.  It helps you connect with your network in a way that people can relate to, they will remember it and in many cases spark a real meaningful conversation…

So what is stopping you?  In this post I like to share success stories of others who created a personal story and are sharing it using social media.

Power of Your Story?

Over the past months I have experienced incredible success sharing stories, most recently by posting a personal video on my LinkedIn profile

Placement of your personal video on your LinkedIn profile

I have seen views explode, sparking conversations, and suddenly hear words like ‘thought leader’. Others who have started to post videos are experiencing the same results.   Why is this?


Growth as a result of ‘putting yourself out there’

I believe this rise is because those in your network are more interested to hear your story told by you vs. being sold on the latest product/solutions your corporation is marketing. Note that I say Your Story, and NOT Your Elevator Pitch

You can create Your Story by simply asking yourself; “why do I do this?, why do I wake-up at 4.30am to leave wife and children and jump on a 6.20am flight to Denver”.  A unique and sincere response to that question is what will make your story … Your Story.

Three unique stories

I found several members of my team willing to share their stories with you.  You will see that; i) each video is a great fit for the region/market, ii) each video is a great match with the personality of the sales professional, iii) each video captures the passion and authenticity of the story and the story teller, and iv) that no story is alike:

Tina Story

Tina “MVP”, a well put together video where Tina echos the questions she hears from her clients across North America.  Imagine this video as one of the first things a prospective client sees – do you think she cares about her job? Will you accept a meeting with her?

Fred StoryFred “Multiscreen Video”, a highly personable person known to work tirelessly to help his clients day-in, day-out, in the more conservative Mid-west.  Fred completely created his own vision theme, together with a great tag line. Do you see how Fred is spot on with his 2020 vision?

Val StoryVal “MultiScream”, power-house on the topic of video & workflow solutions. Val works in Southern California and is renowned in the industry for a level of happiness you simply can’t bottle.  Val is also passionate about working with value-add channels as you can tell from his video. Do you see how working with Val is a great experience?

These stories are not perfect, and we don’t want them to be perfect!  But they are 100% sincere and honest, and that is what the future of sales is about.  Having meaningful conversations with people you trust for who they are and what they stand for.

So what are you waiting for?

Here are a few key tips to get you started,

  • target around 90 secs as the ideal length of the video
  • write a storyline … with a beginning… a middle… and an end
  • it does not need to be perfect, but it has to be professional, shoot it in landscape mode, with a camera on a tripod, in 720P quality or above
  • don’t try to wow your audience with ‘special effects’, the simpler the better
  • adding a licensed music track makes a huge difference
  • be yourself, be sincere, be authentic, DO NOT sell, just share your passion
  • Add things that make you who you are, such as Val with his surf board, and Fred with his family
  • If you are not comfortable with video, start with using a storytelling tool such as Prezi to warm up

Above all — have fun!


Passionate about all things social, sales, marketing and business development.

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