2013 The Year of Social Selling


We find ourselves in an ultra competitive global marketplace where everyone seems to have the same mousetrap.   I want to make the case that 2013 will be the year where innovative sales teams will become the main competitive differentiation.



  • Today Sales Organizations have far too many layers. It is as if we are still working in a 19th century factory. I see Sales Organizations that flatten their org structure, reduce overhead/costs and speed-up communication to be more competitive!
  • Sales Content – we continue to provide sales with outdated content, and yet we use terms like death-by PowerPoint.  We completely misunderstand the use of video. The most common use of video among organizations is the 45 minute training webinar on product speeds & feeds.  Instead I see a competitive sales force that uses thought provoking, short & to the point, engaging content created by ‘artists’.  These materials are hosted online and provide valuable viewer stats/asset that encourage investments in what clients value most.
  • We continue to invest in a ‘cold’ lead-gen process even though success rates continue to drop (<2%). For many of us they are the first e-mails we delete from our overloaded inbox. Competitive sales teams instead will focus on a ‘need identification process and use of existing clients to generate ‘new leads’.
  • Corporations continue to value & employ high paid ‘experienced’ executives. Clients revolt against these ‘suits’. Competitive sales teams will employ authentic, sincere people who can converse and brain storm around thought provoking ideas using not much more than a white board.
  • As for hiring, most corporations lack a hiring process for sales people.  They hire on gut feel, word of mouth & experience within the industry. Competitive sales organizations will bring in ‘new people’ as they notice how much faster they pick-up the new ‘technology’ vs ‘experienced sales people’ who seem to be unable to pick-up ‘new skills/tools’.


Let’s take inventory today, December 27, 2012 – at a time where sales continues to be one of the lesser respected jobs (together with lawyers and politicians I guess). Most people scuff at our trade, they consider us liars, not to be trusted since they think we are motivated by money.

This is in stark contract of what most B2B sales teams actually do.  Every day they answer phone calls of clients and help them address issues with purchased service/equipment, they cut through corporate BS, come-up with new ideas on how to make the client successful, and escalate to the CEO when needed.  They are actually motivated by ‘getting things done’.

The way I see it in 2013 companies who modernize their sales efforts and turn sales into a competitive differentiation are those most likely to succeed.


So let’s start on January 1st to innovate our sales teams, provide them with the latest tools, make them the best trained team, empower them with engaging and thought provoking sales materials, execute against a modern sales method, and streamline the organization. Learn more? Join the conversation at www.salesopshop.com

In 2013 let’s make B2B sales the coolest and most respected profession.


Passionate about all things social, sales, marketing and business development.

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