Orchestrating a Social Selling Campaign

Episode 10

Harmonizing Marketing & Sales to Create Great Social Media Tunes

All of us are making purchase decisions online.  These decisions are getting bigger & bigger.  Through online research we emotionally connect with products and services long before we talk to a sales person.  This is true when we buy a new song, doing research on a new printer, a car, a house AND when buying that new solution for your company.

Your clients are learning about solutions long before they ever talk to sales and most marketing & sales organizations are either unaware – or – are struggling how to deal with this.

Social Selling is not a new sales process nor a lead generator

The use of Social Media (within B2B) is NOT meant to be a new sales trick – it is not a step to be inserted into the sales funnel – or – create more ‘leads’. We cannot see social media as a new lead generation tool either.  We live in a new world, where there is no more room for Yellow Pages dropped on your doorstep without you asking for it.

Social is about showing who you truly are

As a kid, everyone knew my family (7 siblings), my parents’ business, and the long track record of the mischievous activities of the “Kooij-boys” (pronounced in Dutch as Cowboys). But this also meant that the entire village knew my family to be honest, sincere, hard working people that you could call upon when in need. This level of transparency allowed my family to run a number of businesses in the region.

I believe that social media gives us the opportunity to rebuild that same experience online.  This allows for a client who has a problem to identify if your company has the right solution.

Social selling for your business

Imagine a client looking around for a solution (through SEO).  The Client stumbles upon a video of one of your passionate employees who just solved the big issue that the entire market is struggling with.  She explains on a white board the problem, and why solving that problem is so important. She then shows a brief demo and the positive results.   This matches how a client goes from “do I have a problem?” to “are others out there who have an answer?” and so on and so forth.

How to?

To build your own social selling campaign, please click on the video below.

Anatomy of a social selling campaign


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