Sales Pro + Pro-Athlete Coaching = SuperStar


Based on training alongside a 4-time world champion and pro-athlete Pete Kain I learned what it takes to take an ordinary person and within a very short time make him/her exceed expectations.  Here are some of the keys:

  1. Importance of a structured schedule
  2. Discipline to put in your workout
  3. Each workout focus on ‘just one’ skill
  4. Power of repetition
  5. Use of the best tools available
  6. Leverage a proven methodology.

Over the past years I have implemented a variety of training programs, the lessons of which I turned into this Sales Transformation program you can access by clicking on the picture below.

Episode 9 – SuperStar Training Program

CLICK HERE FOR A HD Prezi version or click the video below to get get an idea in the first 30-60secs of video.


Passionate about all things social, sales, marketing and business development.

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