The Social Selling Funnel

Have you ever met a client who called you up to say ‘Hi I am a cold lead…‘ or a buyer who said to you  ‘I am moving from opportunity to qualified’?  Have you ever done a successful B2B deal  that ended with a handshake once the deal ‘closed‘?

If the answer to these question is a resounding NO then you must realize that there is a lot  missing. Historically we have built sales organizations around a 30+ year old sales process based on a process of elimination in turn represented by  a ‘funnel’.

We only now start to realize that this process does not represent the journey a buyer goes on – better yet – gets guided along – by a sales superstar!.  So what to do now?.

Below the Episode 6 in The Future of Sales is NOW  series, in which I present how a modern sales force can adopt itself to a circular buying process

Episode 6 – From Sales Funnel to Client Buying Journey

(Note: This episode relies on info provided in Episode 5 – Compensate to Accelerate.)

The circular process/buying journey for B2B as described above, is based on quantitative research by McKinsey that shows how a circular buying process is taking place in B2C. As the result of consumerization – due to widespread use of the internet during evaluation stage – we see a similar buying process taking place in Business to Business.


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