10 Bold Statements about The Future of Sales

With a cry for help, from a long list of clients, to please stop selling! and start creating value, B2B sales is well positioned to embrace Social Media tools. Here are 10 bold statements that I expect to see implemented across B2B sales teams over the next 24-36 months.

  1. One Out-of Every Two Sales Jobs To Disappear
  2. Sales will Restructure Around Value Creation
  3. Buyers’ Only Work With Those They are Connected
  4. Executives are Held Responsible for Lead-Gen
  5. Social Media Stats Used to Forecast
  6. 90% of Field Sales Activity to go Virtual
  7. Inside Sales Will Be Replaced by (for) Client Intelligence
  8. Communicate in Picture & Emotions vs. Written Arguments
  9. Sales will Become the Best Trained Group
  10. Sales will get Hired/Fired on Social Networking

To get the details which disciplines will be impacted, when and how, and get a more detailed futuristic vision on the salesforce of the future click on this LINK


Passionate about all things social, sales, marketing and business development.

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