SaaS Demands Social Selling

Over the past 10-15 years I followed the path created by sales leaders that came before me. As we turned to SaaS, I spend countless time/money on ‘specialist’ who presented to me the SFDC SaaS model.  Although SFDC certainly is proven to be successful, I have come to the painful conclusion that there are very few companies, selling B2B software, that are capable to sustaining 5-10 years of losses in the hopes that clients will come in droves (as in 1,000’s)..

I found out that if you want to build a business selling software in B2B, from F500 Enterprises to SMB, that you need to control the client acquiring cost (CAC).  Most companies I work with express the willingness to spend $100,000 in CAC for a client representing an Annual Contract Value of $24,000.

How can we control CAC? Find my research >> LINK << that describes the problem in detail and that gives various cases studies (JIVE, SALESFORCE, BRIGHTCOVE) compared against my own experience.


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