Changes in Sales over the next two years

Here are some trends that I am going to address over the next few weeks, the reason behind it and how it will change the way we do business.

  1. An e-mail from outlook is no longer a tool to initiate a relationship
  2. Buyers will only deal with people they ‘know’
  3. Clients will self qualify by doing thorough research on the web
  4. Every company will have a 30/60 sec elevator pitch on their web-site
  5. Marketing will communicate about the ROI of assets based on viewership 
  6. Large companies will stop SPAM mailing campaigns due to negative impact
  7. Everything must be designed around being viewable on an iPad
  8. Sales to use advanced on-line presentation tools/techniques
  9. Canned sales presentations to drastically increase the quality
  10. Sending attachments to an e-mail become unacceptable
  11. Travel to a client across country will become ‘too expensive’
  12. On-site demonstrations need to be paid for by the client
  13. Sales people will gravitate to the iPad as their preferred tool
  14. Top sales people will do their own lead development
  15. Sales recruitment around a strong BD/Marketing skills/expertise
  16. More pictures/emotions less text
  17. Drastic change in sales compensation – for example based on the number of LinkedIn connections AND quality of the network
  18. Flat ‘soccer team’ like sales organizations
  19. The importance of 2nd degree relationships
The traditional soles model is being challenged

Passionate about all things social, sales, marketing and business development.

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