Together with Dan Adams from Trust Triangle Selling I created this 12 episode series that you can use to educate yourself on the concepts of social selling, online selling, and inbound sales.


Episode 1:  Introduction to The Future of Sales 

Over the past five years, trades that traditionally involved a lot of human interaction have radically changed.  For example, LinkedIn has changed the way we discover a dream job,  Match.com has changed the way we find a soul mate, and Travelocity has changed the way we book a getaway.  It can be no surprise, then, that the sales industry is also experiencing a change in the way we buy and sell goods and services.  The Future of Sales Is Now series provide an intimate view into the changes in sales skills required to identify a modern sales methodology. The series also suggest how sales organizations can respond in order to create a new breed of sales superstars.

Episode 2:  The Social Media Wave 

As consumers, we can see and experience the impact of social media all around us.  In this episode you will learn how this is affecting our client relationships. You will hear the voice of your client pleading with you to change his sales experience.  But before we can take action, we need to understand why is this happening, and how we should deal with these changes.  Understanding social media is your first step on the social selling journey. 

Episode 3:  Irresistible Client Experience

Today we are using an outdated sales process created around the sales funnel. This one-way process was invented decades ago, and is premised on using cold leads.  But is it the right process?  In thisepisode you will learn how to turn the sales funnel process into a circular buying experience.  This experience is optimized with “warm lead” generation.  You will learn the six steps you can take today to create an irresistible and contagious world-class client experience.

Episode 4:  Compensate on Client Success

If we truly want to change the way we market and sell our solutions, we must change the way we compensate marketing and sales teams.   In this episode, we outline the challenges with current compensation plans, and provide five simple actions we can take now to focus your teams on the ultimate goal: Client Success!

Episode 5:  Trust Based Methodology

Perhaps the most commonly used sales methodology in B2B sales is consultative selling.   In order for consultative selling to be effective, the client needs to be aware of your company’s existence. This episode is a webinar in which Trust-Based Selling is highlighted as the key for social selling success. Based upon the theory of Trust Triangle Selling, the episode will outline the content, tools, and skills to incorporate on your way to sales success.  

Episode 6:  Social Selling Explained

Your clients are currently online where they are discovering their needs and identifying solutions during the most critical part of a sale: The Value Creation. Social selling is a way of creating value online and early-on in the sales process.  In this episode you will learn why this is different from awareness campaigns, and we will suggest three simple actions you can take now to make you a leader in social selling.

Episode 7:  Importance of Meaningful Content

The key to social selling is to see it as a problem-solving experience.  Clients who want to understand and resolve their problems online start by looking for meaningful content.  In thisepisode we present the next generation of sales content, with a focus on creating an authentic experience for online use.

Episode 8:  Online Networking and LinkedIn

We are all familiar with LinkedIn. But how can we optimize LinkedIn as a powerful social selling tool?  This episode shows how to take online networking to the next level.

Episode 9:  Power of Analytics

Social media and selling online generate an incredible amount of data.  In this episode we explain how to use Analytics to help understand viewer behavior.  We strive to help marketing and sales professionals learn from a client’s response, and turn meaningful content into social selling “magnets.”

Episode 10:  Importance of Customer Success

Revenue generation has shifted from NET-30 following a deal’s closure, to 12 or even 24 months following the initial purchase order.  Your success is dictated to a great degree by your client’s success.  As a result, we stress the importance of your role in your customer’s success.  In this episode, we identify the five challenges customer success managers face, along with five actions that will ensure customer success.

Episode 11:  The Social Selling Campaign

Many first-timers struggle with social selling.  They start tweeting at a frantic pace and create a rapid fire of status updates in LinkedIn.  This creates a lot of noise and makes little or no impact.  This segment presents how to combine the right tools with meaningful content. You will combine skills and content, and with trust methodology you will orchestrate a customer-centric social selling campaign.

Episode 12:  Force of One

Tools play a critical role in todays sales. The right tools can act as a force multiplier for a sales professional. Online tools provide an even bigger scale, and can create a global impact. A tweet on a Wednesday evening in Los Angeles, can turn into a lead on Thursday morning in Tokyo. The best sales teams, no longer just have the best skills, they also need the best tools. Tools that turn each and every sales professional into a force of one.


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